With hard work and talent our aim is to gain recognition as a leading company in the events industry, due to both our creative quality and high quality execution of our propositions, as well
as our ability to accommodate each project's ambitions and desires.


Our work constantly challenges customer
and audience memories through innovative
ideas served up as meticulous and staggering productions.

We develop and implement solutions
to improve relationships between our
customers and their markets.


We are experts on people, focusing on the human dimension of individuals and their collective soul, as an audience, allowing us to define attitudes and condition behaviour.

Entertainment is in our bloodline and adaptable to each project, market and customer.






João Morais


An organization as dynamic and efficient as ours, ready to respond to a multitude
of requests and challenges set by our customers, requires talent, experience
and a lasting desire to learn and evolve.

At Bridge, João Morais leads a team of talented and motivated entertainment specialists with many recognisable projects under their belts,
ever-determined to make things happen.


Began producing major events at Realizar in 1994, taking on responsibilities for on-site operational implementation, logistics and planning, directing and coordinating all material and human resources involved in the production of Portuguese and international media events. He became a specialist in the design and production of large scale human logos.

While still working for Realizar, he became since 2005 "Polar Snow Manager" for the Iberian Peninsula, renowned as one of only 20 experts to master real snow production technology and specialized procedures (Polar Technologies).At the same time he became Operations Director for the whole Realizar Group.

Over the course of his career in the professional events, we highlight: the Snowboard World Cup (10 editions); the Beach Soccer Mundialito (5 editions); the Euro Beach Soccer League Super Final (2 editions); the Hot Air Balloon Tour of Portugal (10 editions); the opening of 6 stadiums for Euro 2004; Mega PicNic Continente 2010 & 2011 (considered by BEA the Best Public Event in Europe 2011) and Mercado de Sabores Continente 2012, 2013 & 2014, among many other major projects in which he has participated. 

He studied Civil Engineering at Porto University's School of Engineering, becoming involved in academic activities as Vice-President of the Students' Association; by this time he had founded two international associations: The International Civil Engineering Association - Porto (IACES in Portuguese), as well as AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe).





Originating in Portugal, BRIDGE was created with the ambition of building
an international network.


Backed up by the vast experience of its workforce, Bridge owns exclusive agreements for implementing unique projects and initiatives, such as:


· POLAR EUROPE – a forward-looking company with cutting edge snow
  production technology for a range of purposes. 






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